AV, AVN, RSE, etc. We will become the standard of IoT world, including ADAS, Telematics, AIDA, with various business experiences accumulated in IVI (In Vehicle Infotainment) industry such as AV, AVN, and RSE.



Air purifier

Two types of air purifiers refresh the air in the vehicle.

The armrest type air purifier is the world first equipped with telematics, so that the air purifier can be operated before riding the vehicle, and it provides an integrated design that is harmonious with the interior. The cup holder type air purifier is manufactured in a size that considers space efficiency and can be installed on any vehicle. M0TREX air purifier is applied with UVC LED to eradicate bacteria and viruses in the air.

Wireless Charger

M-Puregadget sterilizes the products frequently used at the same time as charge mobile phones wirelessly

With UV-C led, which neutralizes microorganisms within 10minutes, It sterilizes to improve personal hygiene for smartphone, mask key fob, wallet and any other small objects. Not only work as a UV sterilizer, but also compatible with all the latest phones that support wireless charging.

In-vehicle wireless charger

In-vehicle sterilizer wireless charger