AV, AVN, RSE, etc. We will become the standard of IoT world, including ADAS, Telematics, AIDA, with various business experiences accumulated in IVI (In Vehicle Infotainment) industry such as AV, AVN, and RSE.


Purpose Platform


Display that can communicates with passengers of autonomous vehicle

Services according to the purpose of use of autonomous vehicles are provided for all of passengers through IVI (In Vehicle Infotainment) and RSE. Passengers can engage with our AI Assistant technology to communicate smoothly. *AI Assistant – AI agent technology enabling smooth communication between autonomous vehicles and passengers

Taxi / Bus

Display specialized in shared vehicles for many people's pleasant traveling time in the car.

The display helps communication between passengers and drivers, and provides information and services that enable passengers to travel comfortably. Possible to control air conditioning, music and to check a driving route. The display for driver offers an environment in which services can be performed smoothly by interlocking with in-vehicle devices.

Heavy equipment

Display which is capable of operating equipment and performing tasks

The display presents information necessary for device operation and has a large-screen with excellent performance for entertainment and work. It checks the device status and runs software for device operation.

Police car AIDA (Automotive Intelligent Docking Adaptor)

Police car AIDA 

(Automotive Intelligent 

Docking Adaptor)

Improves driver's convenience with integrated smart devices

Smart devices (such as tablets) can be wired and wirelessly connected to purpose -built vehicles to control the various functions of the vehicle. The users can also monitor real-time traffic information, navigation, and online services through various applications.

Railway electronic device (VOD, PIS)

Railway electronic device 


Provides enriched contents and information for train passengers

It provides an optimized ride environment for passengers by providing entertainment services such as Internet and YouTube, in-vehicle broadcasting, and travel route information through personal displays.