AV, AVN, RSE, etc. We will become the standard of IoT world, including ADAS, Telematics, AIDA, with various business experiences accumulated in IVI (In Vehicle Infotainment) industry such as AV, AVN, and RSE.


IVI system (In Vehicle Infotainment)


Provides information and entertainment for drivers.

MOTREX's AV (Audio Video), AVN (Audio Video Navigation), and AVNT (Audio Video Navigation Telematics) provide the driver with the necessary information on a real-time basis with the design and advanced technologies integrated into the vehicle, as well as enabling a user to easily control functions through the user experience (UX). MOTREX manufactures and supplying products with strict quality standards by closely communicating with automakers from the planning and design stage.

RSE (Rear Seat Entertainment)

Provides information and entertainment for passengers.

RSE (Rear Seat Entertainment) system provides entertainment such as video, music, VOD, etc. to the passengers traveling by different types of transportation. In addition to the recent expansion of personal vehicle applications, RSE system has been growing rapidly in response to the need to upgrade the service of commercial transportation vehicles. Motrex provides systems for passenger vehicles, express buses, trains, etc. The system also integrates, develops, and delivers the contents.

Digital Cluster

Adds Smartness to the Digital-Cluster

The smart digital cluster does not only display a lot of information to help the driver drive, but it also enables you to differentiate your own design through connections with your mobile phone.