AV, AVN, RSE, etc. We will become the standard of IoT world, including ADAS, Telematics, AIDA, with various business experiences accumulated in IVI (In Vehicle Infotainment) industry such as AV, AVN, and RSE.




Keep your car safely.

As a device that records events (recording) outside the vehicle, it provides special functions for the purpose of use for private, commercial, special purpose vehicles (National Police Agency, road traffic patrol car, etc.).


A solution that enables efficient and advanced remote meetings and training

Display wireless transmission technology and Interactive Flat Panel Display (IFPD) technology enable efficient and advanced remote meetings and training.
Real mirroring that all content screens are transmitted / Various device compatibilities not limited to specific products / Convenience without requiring S/W installation and complicated setup / No separate wireless AP required (Built inside the product)
4K resolution Interactive Display in various sizes from 55 to 86 inches / Support wireless video transmission and reception and wireless touch / Support self-Android and Windows Platform / Operate its own App Store, Provide various Apps / Equipped with Intel UNITE solution