AV, AVN, RSE, etc. We will become the standard of IoT world, including ADAS, Telematics, AIDA, with various business experiences accumulated in IVI (In Vehicle Infotainment) industry such as AV, AVN, and RSE.


In Vehicle Infotainment

AVN(Audio Visual Navigation), AV(Audio Video)

Provide a variety of information and fun to the driver.

MOTREX's AVN and AV, which provide not only the information necessary for the driver but also the driving pleasure (Entertainment) with the unified design and advanced specification of the finished car, communicate closely with the car vendor companies from the planning/design stage, and respond to the fastidious requests of finished car vendors by producing and supplying (PIO, DIO) the products applied with strict quality standards.

PIO(Port Installed Option) / DIO(Dealer Installed Option) Process

AVM (Around View Monitor)

Assist driver‘s safety driving and easy parking.

Using a camera mounted outside the vehicle, it shows real-time 360-degree images around the vehicle, the expected path, the angle of rotation, and the distance to the obstacle, thus helping the driver to recognize and safely avoid danger effectively when driving or parking.

HUD (Head Up Display)

Add convenience of driving.

By displaying the information such as navigation, messages, and phone reception on the front glass through the smartphone interlocking as well as the driving condition of the vehicle, safe driving information, it minimizes driver's divergence and improves driving convenience.

RSE (Rear Seat Entertainment)

Present pleasure to passengers.

The RSE system, which provides entertainment (video, music, VOD, etc.) services to passengers on the move, is growing rapidly in response to the recent demand for service upgrades of large-sized transportation vehicles. MOTREX already supplies systems to large buses and trains, and will develop/supply related contents afterwards