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Data protection notice for HUD (head-up display) App

1. Scope 

Personal data is collected, processed, shared or used by MOTREX only when permitted by law or when the user has consented to the collection, processing, sharing and/or use of their data.


2. Responsible organization

The supplier of the “MOTREX head-up display app" ("HUD app") and the organization responsible for processing of your personal data during use of the app is MOTREX, unless specified otherwise in this data protection notice.  


3. Collection of personal data

Settings/access to your "HUD app"

When you download your HUD app, you will be asked to allow this app subsequent access to additional functions on your mobile device. The following functions are relevant:

WLAN (Wi-Fi)


4. Use of personal data
No personal data relating to you or your vehicle is required to use your HUD app for the individual configuration and settings (e.g. brightness, tilt angle, etc.) of your "MOTREX head-up display" in your vehicle. No communication with IT systems at MOTREX or any other third party occurs. The creation of user profiles is also not possible based on these settings. 


5. Changes to these data protection regulations

We reserve the right to change these data protection regulations at any time in the future. The current version can be accessed from your HUD app under the "Imprint/data protection" menu item. Please refer to this information regularly and ensure that you are aware of the applicable data protection regulations.